Friday, April 24, 2009

food tasting!

Even after we made our final payment for Discovery Shores, we still managed to get a food tasting session 5 days before our wedding day. Thanks to Mitel Bustamante (Sales Executive) & Gel Sunga "(Events Coordinator) of Discovery Shores Boracay.

Tommee and I made sure not to eat hours before our food tasting. We wanted to be good and hungry since we knew we were going to be served a lot of food considering we're having a buffet dinner for our wedding reception.

Amanda (our awesome coordinator) joined us during the early parts to have a final rundown of the details of the wedding. 

(L to R: Gel Sunga, Amanda Tirol & Suyen)

First, we were served "Aklan Red Snapper 'Crudo' with Lemon, Rosemary & Capers". I actually completely forgot to take a picture of it but if you look closely at this pic, it's the one served in tiny glass "sardine-like cans" (at the far left side of the pic between Gel & Amanda)

Here's Tommee enjoying (from left to right) "Orange-Ginger shrimp Ceviche, Crab & Broccoli Salad, and (this one is hidden behind the freshly squeezed orange juice) Chilled Asian Noodles".

All of them are very tasty. I personally liked the Crab & Broccoli salad the best out of the 3 since I found the Chilled Asian noodles to be a tad spicy.

Pictured here is Tommee and Gel Sunga. She's the events coordinator for Discovery Shores Boracay, and we are very grateful to have her. She's really very nice and super accommodating. She's always eager to help and is a joy to converse with.

For our main course, we were served "Pork Ribs, Thai Seafood Curry, Nut-Crusted Fish Fillets, and Morrocan Lamb Ribs". Out of all of them, my favorite was the Lamb ribs. They were so tender and had just the right amount of flavor. I think we finished those off (haha). Not pictured: Braised Chicken with Shiitakes and Snap Peas.
I didn't eat the Thai Seafood curry because I am not a fan of spicy food, but Tommee says that it was very delicious and he's sure our families will love it. The Nut-Crusted Fish was also very good, the crunchy outside and soft inside was a great contrast.

Yay for dessert! This is my favorite part of the dinner. hehe. I love sweets!
In this picture, you can see the Praline Caramel Panna Cotta and Palitaw (just one of the few Filipino kakanins to be served). I would have eaten more if I wasn't so full (thanks to the lamb ribs). The Panna Cotta had just the right amount of sweetness and wasn't very overwhelming. The shot glass serving was just the right serving size.

This is the famous Discovery Signature Cake. A chocolate cake with white chocolate and cherry topping. I saved the top part for last. hehe. Tommee approves of this (he is the ultimate chocolate lover).

Here I am enjoying my Panna Cotta (isn't it obvious?) haha

All in all, Tommee can describe our food tasting in one word - "PANALO!" (winner!)

We definitely made the right choice for our reception/caterer. Discovery Shores can do no wrong in our eyes. hehe

We heart Discovery Shores Boracay!

Friday, April 17, 2009

final leg

It feels good to know that almost everything is set - just a few things to pick up and finalize, then, all we need to do is show up =)

I finally got my dress last night. Had my final fitting - don't want to delve too much into this because it stressed me out so much that I just don't want to think about it anymore. I'm happy with it. There are some things that could have been improved, but it's fine the way it is. I never really considered my dress as one of the top priorities, so I'm just happy that it looks good and it fits. Now, I can't wait to dip it in the ocean (after the wedding, of course!) for our "trash the dress" session. I'm actually more excited about that than the pre-nup session at the beach. haha.

wedding dress? CHECK!

I know this was something that should've been done before we booked our reception venue, but we were convinced that they would deliver good food no matter what. Tommee and I will have our food tasting c/o Discovery Shores on the day that we arrive Boracay. It's actually a special treat because it's going to be decent dinner date for us - some time to relax and unwind and just enjoy each other's company - before everyone else comes in from Manila and the madness begins. Don't get me wrong. I'm looking forward to spending time with all my family and friends, but it would be nice to just have some down time with Tommee without stressing about the wedding or thinking about work.

food tasting? CHECK!

I'm now just in the middle of packing my stuff for our wedding & honeymoon. I have my handy checklist and just carefully but literally ticking off items one by one. (OC monster alert!) 

I can't wait to finally zip up my luggage and fly off to Boracay for 3 weeks of sun, sand, and sea.

family + friends + beach + Tommee + our wedding = surefire way for a great time!

*sure sounds like a recipe for FUN!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bottled water, anyone?

I admit this was a last minute thing, but the DIY diva in me just wouldn't quit. hehe

I initially asked Discovery Shores if they could provide water (even just a simple water dispenser) during the ceremony because I was thinking that it might still be really hot that day and I didn't want any of our guests (especially the oldies) to pass out because they were parched. Anyway, until last week, I thought it was all set. Turns out, they couldn't provide one, so Amanda (our coordinator) got them to allow us to bring in bottled water (no corkage!  yey!). Amanda suggested it to me and told me that we could have the bottled water personalized. DING! A light bulb went off in my head, and sure enough, next thing I know, I'm asking her if I could design the labels for the bottle. She was actually thanking me for making  her job easier. (haha)

And so, as if I didn't have enough minor stuff to take care of, I went ahead and designed it. haha

Here's my final design:

I still wanted it to mesh well with the other DIYs, so I just mixed up my bubbles label design a bit.

I printed out a trial label.

We are using the standard Viva bottled water.

Since the bottles are already in Boracay, Amanda and her staff will be the ones to actually put the labels on the bottles.

Here's a mock-up made my moi:


Saturday, April 11, 2009

why didn't I think of this?

a simple mirror as table runner with a variety of candles..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

our super awesome wedding _____

This is one of my most-awaited things during the final month of the wedding preps..

I'll let Superman show you the teaser.. =)

(thanks Superman! He is part of Tommee's collection)

A little story before I present our wedding rings..

Even during the first few months of our wedding preps, Tommee and I would go online and search for wedding bands. We would swap images once in a while showing each other what we liked. 

At first, we were thinking, let's just go for the plain white gold band, the typical wedding band. But Tommee really liked this design from Tiffany & Co. :

(my, what expensive taste. haha) 
image source:

and at that time, I was thinking, "I wonder if he's actually gonna get me a Tiffany ring?" haha but seriously, at that point, I was OK with having the plain wedding bands because I wasn't into this design as much as he was.

Fast-forward to the February 2009. Tommee told me that it was time for us to scout and finally decide on the design so we could order and have it made through his friend's wife. I was quite happy to know that we would be able to get our rings with a discount =) So, we looked around the mall, going from one jewelry store to another. We finally decided to get this design for him (mine was just going to be the plain version i.e. no diamond for her a.k.a me):

14carat white gold band with satin middle finish and solitary diamond

We went to our 1st bridal fair at SM Megamall and we were supposed to make the downpayment already but Tommee postponed it saying we might be able to get it cheaper from his friend. So, I agreed and we went home without making any ring purchases. I guess it was fate that we didn't, because those are not our wedding rings.

From this picture, you can see Tommee's ring - it is exactly what he wanted. A plain, thick, white gold band with a solitary diamond. But my ring is quite different from what we intentionally planned to buy.

Let's go ahead to when we actually picked the rings and made the actual downpayment. 

A problem came up with having his friend make the rings for us. They admitted to us that the ring that we wanted made was not their forte, so they advised us to get it from someone who can make them the way we want them. (- now that is a true friend!)

Tommee and I decided to go to the next bridal fair and look for the previous rings that we were supposed to get. When we got there, we headed straight to the ring supplier that had the best design for us - Meicel Jewelry Shop. I thought their rings were very well made. 

When we got there, I was the one who pointed out the design of the rings that we had already picked out. Tommee started fitting his, and I fitted mine, too. I don't know what set it off for him, but I guess Tommee could tell that I wasn't as excited about the rings as he was. You see, I'm not really into jewelry that much. I don't even wear gold. The few jewelry I own are mostly silver and white gold. I like them simple and plain, nothing fancy. 
So, he asked me to try on this ring that he knew I had been eyeing every time we were checking out rings. After trying it on, he suddenly says "Get that one."  just like that. I was so pleased. Nope, sorry. I was not only pleased, I was ecstatic! But at the same time, I was hesitant because I knew it was going to cost more than our original rings. But he kept insisting and I did try to "argue" with him about it, he was adamant. "Get that one. I know that's what you really want." I wanted to cry right there and then! Because it was true, and he knew it! (I love that man!)

Anyway, before I babble on more than I already have, here are our wedding rings.

I wanted to tease you a bit more so I put a blurry pic haha

But seriously, here it is:

I apologize for the upside down shot but the engraving says:  Only You. Forever.

That man loves me. From a plain wedding band, he goes and gets me a white gold band with 11 freakin' diamonds in it!

Here was our discussion on the way to the car right after we purchased them:

Suyen: Thank you so much! I can't believe you bought that for me!
Tommee: I could tell that you really wanted it. Nakita ko mga mata mo nung tinry mo yung ring eh! Iba yung kinang ng mata mo eh! 
Suyen: hahahahaha you saw that?! but really, thank you thank you! I love my new bling!
Tommee: I know, that's why I got them. I want you to be happy with the ring. Alam ko kasi na "OK lang" sayo yung plain, pero iba talaga yung tingin mo dun sa bling eh! haha
Suyen: haha i love my new bling! i'm so happy! besides, it's all your fault why I suddenly wanted that design.
Tommee: good! wait! what?! how is it my fault?
Suyen: you got me an engagement ring full of bling, so it matches. haha
Tommee: now it's my fault?! haha ayos ka talaga! ako pa may kasalanan. loko kang babae ka!
Suyen & Tommee: hahahahahahahaha

we had to wait 1 month before we could pick them up, but waiting was so damn worth it!
Tommee loves his wedding ring. From the time we picked it up at the jewelry shop, he couldn't stop raving about it. As for me, I was uncharacteristically quiet because I was still trying to get the idea to sink in that he went ahead and bought me the most beautiful ring I could ever want. We really love our rings and we both couldn't get enough of it. We kept taking them out of the box and trying them on a couple of times. We had to force ourselves to lock them up already before they get old before the wedding. haha.  Those are rings we won't mind wearing forever.

We love our new blings!

centerpiece trays? - DONE!

2 months ago, I blogged about finally getting my centerpiece trays. (You can read about it here)

a little picture to serve as a reminder

I was supposed to spraypaint them myself but Tommee said he knew someone who could do them for us. At first I was hesitant because I wasn't sure if I was ready to entrust my centerpiece trays with someone else but in the end, I gave in. Hey, it's one less thing to worry about. It did take some time to get them done, and I admit I was getting impatient and wanted to go ahead and tell Tommee that I would just do them myself. 

I am so happy I didn't. 

I finally got them the other day and they look great! The finish is so nice, it's perfect! I must say I couldn't have achieved that kind of finish myself.

So, here they are..

Just add a pillar candle, a stargazer lily, and a handful of sand/pebbles, and we're good to go!


Friday, April 3, 2009

today's visit with the dentist

mouth open for 3 hours straight
countless anesthesia injections (my gums would not cooperate and would not get numb)
cheeks pushed and stretched the entire time
2 teeth (upper molars - the ones at the very back) - scraped, probed, poked, scratched, hooked, pushed, twisted, and eventually, pulled out
gums sewn closed
really bad migraine
can't eat anything except for cold soup (I don't know about you, but I like my soups hot)
feeding myself tiny bits of crackers that I have to wait to melt in my mouth before swallowing just to ease the hunger
ice packs stuck to both my cheeks
pain reliever - not working very well
not allowed any strenuous activities for the next 3 days - as if I could actually do anything with the grogginess
wishing I was high on stronger pain medication (haha)

thanks wisdom teeth.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

marriage license

After so many minor and major setbacks, we finally got our marriage license! I was actually getting worried about it because after all the preparations, it was taking so long for our application to get processed.. 

At first, I was even joking around with Tommee that I didn't feel like signing the application form because I was still having second thoughts and all that stuff. But after some time, I was starting to think that our entire wedding would come crashing down on me because we weren't able to get the license on time. I would have never thought that getting our marriage license had so much drama to go with it- I can't share the biggest setback to our application, but it was definitely a major mind-blowing, earth-shattering thing. And to think that it wasn't even mine or Tommee's fault. I kid you not. I seriously was thinking the whole time, is this even possible? I can't believe this is happening. How did this happen? What the hell did I do to get this? (there were expletives in the middle of those questions and statements.)

Although I'm sure we're the exception. I bet most don't have too much problems with applying for a license. Anyway, it is finally here with me. Scanned and filed away just to be sure. haha. 

take that, you big setback you!

p.s. Thank you God, for making it all work out..